Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud met with President Reagan and European leaders in Bonn June 10 to call for an end to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Iraq declared a unilateral cease-fire in its 21-month war with Iran in an effort to join Arab forces in combating the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Iran, however, rejected the peace bid, saying it came too late.

Iraq linked the decision for the cease-fire and to withdraw all its troops from Iranian territory with the Israeli invasion. The Iraqis say all resources and energy should be directed against Israel.

A dissident Palestinian group has said it was responsible for the assassination attempt on Israel's Ambassador to Britain Shlomo Argov which touched off the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The group, ''Black June,'' split from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the early 1970s and has in the past called for the assassination of PLO leader Yasser Arafat. A statement delivered to a news agency in Beirut said: ''The act was carried out in retaliation for the crimes committed against Palestinians and Lebanese.''

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