Enshrinement by formula

Hall of fame elections in many sports are a matter of subjective balloting. Not so in golf, or at least the women's game, where enshrinement is automatic after a given number of tour victories. The formula states that 10-year veterans enter the LPGA Hall of Fame upon winning 30 events, including two different major championships, or 35 tournaments and one major, or 40 regular tournaments.

Unlike athletes in other sports, golfers can make the Hall of Fame while still active. Thus it is that three of nine LPGA honorees - Kathy Whitworth, Sandra Haynie, and Carol Mann - still tee it up regularly. JoAnne Carner, who has 34 victories and one major, stands on the brink of joining them.

Coming off last week's triumph in the Kid's Classic, Carner needs just one more win. She'd like to get it in the Lady Keystone Open, which she's captured the last two years. The Pennsylvania tournament begins June 18, and if shewins it again, there would be added significance. For not since Kathy Whitworth accomplished the feat 12 years ago has any player won the same tour event three straight times.

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