PLO says US is tied to Israeli raid

A Palestine Liberation Organization spokesman at the United Nations in New York has accused the United States of direct connivance in Israel's current invasion of Lebanon.

Hassan Abdel Rahman told the Monitor that the PLO believes the US fully endorses the objectives of the invasion. He said this was the conclusion drawn from general diplomatic contacts, and from the PLO's reading of the State Department's June 7 statement on Lebanon.

That statement opened by saying that ''we deeply regret that the spiral of violence that began with the assassination attempt against the Israeli ambassador to Britain . . . has now reached new heights.'' The PLO, Abdel Rahman pointed out, had denied it was behind the shooting in London, ''but the State Department seems to accept the Israeli version in full'' he said.

He also objected to the phrase in the statement saying that, ''the Palestinians will have to stop using Lebanon as a launching pad for attacks on Israel.''

He said this seemed fully to endorse Israeli objectives in Lebanon, which he defined as being to destroy PLO military capabilities there, so depriving the Palestinians of PLO leadership and forcing them to agree to Israeli autonomy plans for residents of the West Bank and Gaza.

''People in touch with the State Department tell us the US will allow a further week of Israeli action in Lebanon before pressing for a cease-fire,'' he added.

The PLO spokesman contended that the Palestinian military forces would not be easily routed.

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