Bush: arms control, economy top Reagan agenda in Europe

Vice-President George Bush, in a Monitor interview June 4, said President Reagan will emphasize ''two things'' on his European trip to make it a success.

''One, a great deal more understanding about the economic program in this country--what he is trying to do. Because there still is some . . . misunderstanding abroad about our approach to the economy.

''And the second thing he will do is to clearly state and, thus, convince the European leaders and those of Japan and Canada how he feels about this arms issue--the need to stay strong, the need to negotiate, the need to reduce nuclear weapons. And I think there is quite a bit of understanding about it among these leaders. But it needs emphasis. And the President will give it that emphasis.''

The vice-president said people who have tried to portray Mr. Reagan as ''a man of war instead of peace'' will understand that ''he wants an arms reduction.''

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