A mere dream

In a dream, my friend, your relative hallucinated: saw the swarming magpies drenched in fog the waterlilies drowned on the moving pyre-- long lines of weary Jews stumbling towards transports with bundles & knapsacks, the year was 1933 the year Hindenburg named Hitler chancellor I repeat, this was a nightmare a dream was dreamt in a somnambulant time when the only shroud was the wind still dancing on the Bakony, no skins were stretched over grey mornings no dogs chasing water rats down lost alleys, rows of weary Jews shuffled by in a thunderclap of dust while your mother-in-law stood on the balcony in the Buda hills shellacked with flowering peach trees inside, on the varnished table blood-red roses were proudly arched in a Bohemian vase, there were no black crows against snowy hills no first transports to Auschwitz, only the wild improbable note of a cimbalom luring frail wildflowers & willows towards an age where innocent sleep was a mirage in a bird's nest In memory of the Hungarian victimsof the Holocaust.

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