Magnetic and rubber weatherstripping should both work on exterior steel door

Q. Insulated steel exterior doors seem to come either with magnetic or conventional rubber weatherstripping. We are told that the magnetic type causes the paint to flake off around the door edges because of some kind of action between the metals. Is this true? And which is the more effective weatherstripping? Madge C. Hall Westfield Center, Ohio

A. One Lumber dealer says he has the magnetic-type weatherstripping -- mohair, not vinyl -- on five of his exterior metal doors, and reports no paint flaking in three years.

Perhaps someone else faults the magnetic-type stripping from a different experience. In any event, the problem ought to be minimal, even if flaking does occur after a time.

Magnetic weatherstripping would probably last longer than rubber in a hot, dry climate like the American Southwest.

To achieve maximum success in the building business, workmanship is as important as the material applied.

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