United States territories

GUAM. 1980 population: 106,000. Politics: a governor and 21-member Legislature elected every two years, and a congressional delegate who may vote only in committee.

VIRGIN ISLANDS: ST. THOMAS, ST. CROIX, ST. JOHN. 1980 population: 95,000. The Legislature consists of 15 senators elected for two-year terms. The governor has been popularly elected since 1970, and the islands have a congressional representative with a committee-only vote. Voters have turned down a constitution four times.

AMERICAN SAMOA. 1980 population: 31,100. Politics: American Samoa has elected its governor since 1978, and has a congressional representative with a committee vote.

THE US TRUST TERRITORY OF THE PACIFIC ISLANDS, OR MICRONESIA. 1978 est. population: 136,800. The Trust Territory is foreign land, but the US has administered the territory for the UN since 1947. The 13-year negotiations toward more self-government for the Marianas, the Marshalls, and the Federated Republic of Micronesia are still under way. The emerging Compact of Free Association would give the US exclusive military rights, but leave all other domestic and foreign affairs authority to the three island governments.

Most of the rest of offshore US areas are run by the US military.

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