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Kandra Kitchen Crete is a cooking school, located in a 400-year-old village house on the island of Crete. A six-day course designed to give the traveler a background knowledge of the cuisines of the Greek islands and eastern Mediterranean region is offered at the school. Among the cooking techniques explored under the guidance of Rosemary Hinton Barron are open charcoal grilling and the use of the wood-burning clay oven.

The price of $2,240 includes the round trip air fare on a scheduled airline; seven nights de-luxe class hotel accommodation; airport transfers and taxes; breakfast and one meal a day at the hotel; all meals at the school; a Cretan feast; and many other incidentals.

For further information contact Kandra Kitchen Crete, Rosemary Hinton Barron, PO Box 6533, San Francisco, Calif. 94101.

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