Philippines high court resigns in exam scandal

President Ferdinand Marcos accepted the resignation of the entire Philippine Supreme Court in a law examination scandal, the presidential office announced.

The scandal was over allegations that the bar examination results of a justice's son had been prematurely disclosed and tampered with so he could pass. The court decides the passing score for bar exams.

Only Chief Justice Enrique Fernando and a few others were implicated, but the President decided to accept the resignation of the entire bench of 14 judges, submitted Thursday.

Meanwhile, a wave of bombings rocked the city of Zamboanga, killing three people and wounding 88, in a major terrorist assault that sent combat troops and tanks into the streets of the southern port city. The government imposed a round-the-clock curfew on the city. No group immediately claimed reponsibility for the bombings. Zamboanga has been the scene of terrorist attacks by both Muslim separatists and leftist rebels.

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