My Life as a Tree

''Hi.'' ''My name is Evergreen, this is my life as a tree.''

I grew up in a forest. In the spring I could enjoy the pretty flowers and the birds chirping. There were always people picking flowers in the grass by the pond.

In the summer some kids would swim in the pond and people would come and sit under me. (By now I was half grown.)

In the fall somebody chopped me down. The man said that he was going to take me to a shipyard and make me into a mast for a ship. I was to be the main mast. My friend was the mizzen mast.

It was winter when I was launched. I heard a big BOOM!!! and my halyard snapped. Then one of my yardarms broke. The mizzen mast broke in two and fell overboard. That was the last I saw of my friend ever again. Then I heard my ship's captain say ''I have not yet begun to fight!!!'' I heard another BOOM!! And everything went dark.

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