Taking care of sewer gas

Q Our home has a problem of sewer gas which is vented from the roof and spoils the fresh air outside. I have put lye down the roof vent but with little success. What do you suggest we do for a more enjoyable summer ahead? H. Wayne Frantzen Mt. Prospect, Ill. A Rout the vent and the sewer lines from cleanouts so that the plumbing pipes are free to do their jobs. Constricted plumbing could increase the obnoxious odor from the pipe.

By heightening the roof vent pipe you might reduce the odor. If not, you can laterally lengthen the vent pipe downwind, if practical. This extension may pose an aesthetic problem, however, if such a lateral vent pipe is visible on the roof.

Other than these suggestions, I am stumped on how to make your summer ahead more enjoyable short of suggesting a North Cape cruise.

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