US, Bonn agree to raise arms levels if war came

In a move that both sides are portraying as strengthening a sometimes troubled relationship, the United States and West Germany agreed on stepped-up ''host nation wartime support.''

Monitor correspondent Elizabeth Pond reports that under the $570 million agreement signed in Bonn, the US committed itself to more than double its troops in West Germany from four to 10 divisions ''in a time of crisis or war.''

West Germany agreed to provide major support for these reinforcements by such means as requisitioning civilian aircraft for strategic transport, and training and equipping 93,000 reservists for logistics, airfield repair, security, and other backup tasks.

After signing the agreement, West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher hailed it as ''a signal demonstrating (the) common security and alliance policy'' of the two partners. The move may help mollify American critics who say West Germany has not been pulling its weight in NATO.

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