Call to strengthen US-Soviet hot line

Sen. Henry M. Jackson proposes that the United States and the Soviet Union ''set up a permanent joint command post'' as a means of avoiding nuclear war stemming from ''accident or miscalculation.''

The Washington State Democrat, talking to reporters at breakfast April 14, sees this ''command post'' or ''observation post'' as sorely needed ''to beef up the hot line.''

The command post, as Senator Jackson envisions it, would screen rumors, allegations, or reports that, without such evaluation, might set off a nuclear war.

Jackson, a top Senate expert on defense and foreign affairs, also had these observations:

* On the Falkland Islands. ''My question is, 'Why shouldn't the United Nations be involved here?' There should be some interjection of the UN leading to one of the possible solutions -- a UN peace-keeping force. The UN has done a good job with its peace-keeping forces.''

Since possible oil fields are a factor in the Falklands dispute, ''a solution could be worked out so that there could be a joint development of this resource in the outer shelf in which Argentina and Britain could share.''

* On peace initiatives with the Soviet Union. ''The President,'' says Jackson, ''should launch an intensive peace offensive as soon as possible. I made that suggestion to him in a letter of March 1981. Why the delay?'' Jackson says that the President should cease his provocative rhetoric about the Soviets ''and move to quiet, private diplomacy'' free from linkage prerequisites.

* On China and Taiwan. The senator faulted the President for sending arms to Taiwan. ''I think this could get the administration in serious trouble,'' he said.

He said that the administration might wake up some day to find that the current leaders in China, who are willing to deal with the US, have been replaced by leaders who will turn their back on the US and ''be willing to deal with the Soviets.''

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