Reagan aide in half-time pep talk

Some observers have pictured President Reagan in a political football game which he was leading by a score of 24-0 after the first year, but which now, at half time, has narrowed to 24 to 21. ''It's time,'' said Edward J. Rollins, assistant to the President for political affairs, ''to get back on the offensive.''

Monitor correspondent Godfrey Sperling Jr. writes that Mr. Rollins, talking to reporters over breakfast April 13, said that as part of the new Reagan offensive the President ''will be doing more campaigning for candidates than any previous President.''

Rollins, stressing Mr. Reagan's continuing personal popularity and a ''solid 39 to 40 percent Reagan base of support,'' said the President needs to deal with what he said were growing public misperceptions--that Reagan lacks compassion and that his defense posture was taking the United States closer to a nuclear confrontation.

Of those Republican candidates who are critical of the President as they now campaign for reelection, Rollins said: ''Those who are putting daylight between themselves and the President are ending up by hurting themselves.'' He added: ''Our own troops must be disciplined.''

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