Security Council called over Jerusalem shooting

The UN Security Council was summoned into session to debate the killing of two Arabs at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem by an American-born Israeli soldier.The meeting was requested by Morocco, whose King Hassan II is chairman of the 43-member Islamic Conference Organization.Islamic countries prepared for an unprecedented day of protest Wednesday after King Khalid of Saudi Arabia called on Islamic governments in the Persian Gulf to shut down in protest against what Muslim leaders denounced as Israel's sacrilege at Islam's third-holiest shrine in East Jerusalem.Everything from airports to schools and stores was due to close in countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv, a seven-year-old Palestinian boy was killed when Israeli soldiers fired at the legs of rioting Arab refugees protesting the sniping incident, an Israeli military spokesman said. Eight others in the crowd were injured, he said.Tuesday's violent protests were not as widespread as they were the day before. The worst clashes took place in the Gaza Strip, where 22 people were wounded.

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