Salvadoran right OKs moderates

El Salvador's five rightist political parties, which together polled almost 60 percent of the vote in March 28 balloting, have conceded to include the moderate Christian Democratic Party in a government shortly to be formed, Monitor Latin America correspondent James Nelson Goodsell writes.

As soon as it became clear that together they had more than a majority of the vote, the five parties, headed by former Army Maj. Roberto d'Aubuisson, announced that they would form a government without the Christian Democrats.

But in the interim the combination of US and Venezuelan pressure led to the announcement April 7 that the Christian Democrats would be included. US Ambassador Deane R. Hinton and his Venezuelan counterpart, Dr. Leopoldo Castillo , are known to have been in close consultation with the rightist parties over the past 10 days.

Still unanswered is the fate of President Jose Napoleon Duarte, the Christian Democratic leader, who is anathema to many of the rightist politicians. There was no mention of him in the five-party announcement. The parties will convene after Easter to choose a government and a provisional president to replace the ruling junta headed by Mr. Duarte.

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