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* One of the Pentagon's severest critics has shown he can offer kudos too.

Wisconsin Sen. William Proxmire (D) is well known for presenting ''Golden Fleece'' awards to wasteful bureaucrats and questionable government projects. But this week he lauded the Army Finance and Accounting Center in Indianapolis which, he says, has put into effect three programs that will save taxpayers over

In one, the Army has begun cross-checking its computer files to remove deceased retirees from its benefits list. It also has programmed its computer to ferret out those who have been illegally receiving two types of government assistance, and it is collecting its debts by using cheaper mailgrams instead of telegrams.

''We are not going to balance the budget with these cost savings nor are we going to reduce the huge increase in defense spending,'' says Proxmire. ''But they are a fine example for the rest of government to follow.''

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