Painting ceiling tile is first choice

Q. Because of a leak in the roof of our mobile home there is a one-foot circular stain on the acoustic-tile ceiling. How can we remove the stain without painting the entire ceiling and thereby impairing the acoustical effectiveness of the tile? Dwight Babcock San Marcos, Calif.

A. Replacement acoustical ceiling tile should be available at a nearby outlet. Buy as many tiles as are needed and replace the stained tile with new ones. However, you may not be happy with this idea since new clean tile may stand out against the old and be quite noticeable.

Were it my ceiling, I'd repaint it using a water-based material. This type of paint should not inhibit the acoustic ability of the tile.

While repainting is a bit of a nuisance, what with furniture and all, I'd still prefer it to replacement of the tile.

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