US asks new Polish sanctions

Undersecretary of State James Buckley and West German leaders discussed possible new Western sanctions over Poland amid opposition charges that Bonn secretly approved huge credit guarantees for Moscow.

Mr. Buckley and the United States delegation joining him for a five-nation tour met Foreign Minister Hans Deitrich Genscher to discuss ''the credit policy of Western nations toward the East bloc,'' a West German announcement said.

But Christian Democrat leader Count Hans Huhn accused the West German government of ''secretly'' approving $640 million in state-backed guarantees for exports to the Soviet Union just before the arrival of the US delegation.

Bonn was likely to be one of the most difficult stops on Mr. Buckley's tour, which will also take him to Paris, London, Rome, and Brussels to discuss trade sanctions against the Soviet countries. West Germany has said the American demand for sanctions would have more weight if the United States halted grain shipments to the USSR.

Meanwhile, in Brussels, European Economic Community ministers approved a ban on imports of 58 Soviet products in protest against martial law in Poland.

The list of products includes binoculars, shrimp, caviar, pearls, alarm clocks, upright pianos, and cathode-ray tubes for black-and-white televisions. Diplomatic sources said the cuts, to the end of l982, would represent about $12O million.

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