'Lyonel Feininger'

Lyonel Feininger's woodcut style is so unique that one can spot one of his prints from across a very large room. His prints tend to be blunt and angular, semi-abstract, dramatically black-and-white, and they generally depict the sea, ships, cities, and various forms of architecture.

A selection of 96 of Feininger's woodcuts, all of them drawn from the artist's estate, is currently on view at Associated American Artists here. Included among them is one of five known proofs of the first state of the 1918 ''Strasse in Paris'' and excellent impressions of ''Stadt auf dem Berge'' and ''Daasdorf'' - both also executed in 1918.

Although not everyone will find Feininger's woodcuts to their liking - some will feel uncomfortable with their stark and uncompromising angularity - it nevertheless is an exhibition that should be seen. Even if for no other reason than that the gallery states this will be their last showing of his prints as a unit. The estate's supply of Feininger woodcuts, it seems, is practically exhausted.

At Associated American Artists through March 27.

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