Soviet officials in job shuffle

The head of the official Soviet trade union organization, dismissed March 5, will become deputy minister of the aviation industry, senior officials in Moscow disclosed.

Monitor correspondent Ned Temko reports the move seems to cast doubt on earlier suggestions that he was sacked in connection with a widening campaign against official corruption. The officials suggested the main catalyst for his dismissal was Kremlin displeasure over his performance as union chief.

The officials did, however, confirm that the head of Soviet circuses had been removed in connection with what one official termed ''hocus-pocus'' with funds. Although some Western sources have said the man is in prison, the officials here said he is in the hospital.

Other Moscow sources have reported the ''retirement'' of a deputy minister of culture in connection with corruption charges. Senior officials interviewed by the Monitor confirmed that Nikolai Mokhov had left his post, but they said they did not know whether corruption charges had been involved.

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