Tuitions no longer rise - they jump and leap!

The median student bill for a year's attendance at one of the nation's major public universities has jumped 17.7 percent for the current academic year, from increase in median charges for undergraducate tuition and fees at such institutions since the 1969-70 academic year, when median costs rose 19.4 percent over the previous year. Last year's increase was 4.4 percent.

The median total charge for undergraduate tution and fees, room and board for state residents attending state and land-grant universities during the 1981-82 is $2,905, compared to $2,541 in 1980-81, an increase of 14.3 percent.

Just for a bit of perspective we add the following bulletin released by Harvard University on February 16, 1982:

''Harvard College will raise undergraduate tuition and room and board charges by 14.8 percent for next year to $12,100 from $10,540.''

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