Southwest vs. Dow Jones

While the Dow Jones industrial average has flirted with the 1,000 mark since 1977, an index of Southwestern stocks has soared up to 2,865, reports Rauscher Pierce Refsnes (RPR) Inc., a Texas brokerage firm.

The Southwestern index, developed by the firm, tracks 30 stocks selected to reflect the industrial and geographic balance of the Southwest.

''Since 1976, the Dow Jones industrials have declined 12 percent to 874.4 at the end of 1981,'' says Simeon R. Trotter, vice-president of Rauscher. ''The RPR Southwest stock index, starting at the same level as the Dow in 1977, gained 186 percent by the end of 1981.''

Mr. Trotter adds that leaders in the stock group have been the transportation , retail, restaurant, and food-and-beverage industries.

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