Keep moldings simple

If you intend to use wood moldings in a home-improvement job, start with the basics; and this means good planning. As with any do-it-yourself project, planning is the first and most important step.

If you're building something of your own design, try to keep it simple. Make up a list of what you'll need for the job - materials, tools, and supplies.

Wood moldings come in 3- to 16-foot lengths at most lumber dealers and building-supply centers. Because smaller pieces are much easier to work with, try to use short pieces whenever you can. When figuring the amount of molding required by a job, round off the figures to the next largest foot to allow for cutting and trimming.

Other than a coping saw to cut curves, only basic carpentry tools are needed for most wood-molding work, including a miter box for cutting angles and a fine-toothed saw for smooth cuts.

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