Polish party, not union, at fault, No. 2 official says

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Mieczyslaw Rakowski was quoted as saying Poland's Communist Party, not the trade union Solidarity, was to blame for the country's crisis.

In a lengthy interview with Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci published in the London Times, Mr. Rakowski said the Polish Communist Party had disintegrated.

''Who could deny that it (the party) went bankrupt, intellectually and politically, that it was unable to organize the society, to get the country out of disaster . . . ? In the end you are right: we are the ones to be blamed, not Solidarity,'' he said. But he said the Communist Party would overcome its defeat.

With respect to Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, Rakowski said, ''He is treated very respectfully.'' He said Solidarity would be resurrected with the right to strike, but not the right to disrupt.

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