Greater Orlando scorecard:

Licensed lodgings in Orange County: 921 hotels and motels with 57,000 rooms.

Orlando area population: 715,883, up 17 percent from 1976.

Retail sales: $3.45 billion, up 81 percent from 1976.

Airline passengers: 6 million, up 66 percent from 1976.

Convention delegates: 401,576, up 23 percent from 1976.

Vehicles: 598,875, up 46 percent from 1975.

Biggest shopping center: Altamonte Mall, with 170 stores and 1.285 million square feet.

Number of ''Worlds'': 91.

Top five states from which tourists fly to central Florida: New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts.

Visitors' expenditures (air and auto): $15 billion.

Employment by industry: wholesale and retail trade, 26.7 percent; services, 27.5 percent; government, 14.5 percent; manufacturing, 12.6 percent; finance, insurance, real estate, 6.8 percent; construction, 6.7 percent; transportation, 5.2 percent. Source: Orlando Sentinel Star

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