Jaruzelski to visit Moscow

Polish military leader Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski will visit Moscow next month for his first talks with Soviet leaders since he declared martial law in December, the official Soviet news agency Tass announced.

Tass said General Jaruzelski would visit the Soviet capital early in March, but gave no other details on the timing. It said the Polish chief would be on an official visit -- a term which usually indicates several rounds of talks with President Leonid Brezhnev and other senior Kremlin officials. The report said General Jaruzelski would head a government delegation, but did not say who else would accompany him.

The visit will be General Jaruzelski's first to the Soviet Union since September, when he observed joint Warsaw Pact maneuvers near the Polish border.

General Jaruzelski last met Mr. Brezhnev in August, when in his capacity as prime minister he accompanied the then Polish Communist Party chief Stanislaw Kania to the Crimea for talks with the Soviet leader.

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