More cotton being produced and bought

In the next few years, consumers around the world can expect to find more and more articles made of cotton. That's the forecast released recently by researchers of the National Cotton Council, based on current world production and on rising end-use trends.

In 1981, world cotton consumption reached a record high, and projected figures for 1986 show a jump of about 11 percent. The expanding cotton market has been bolstered by purchasers' retail preferences for more cotton content in many fabrics.

Often - depending on the type of processing - cotton fabrics show an affinity for snow-white bleaching. In apparel articles, they are regarded as being cooler than some synthetics. And cotton fabric merchandisers of bedding and bath accessories have developed the luxurious look of high-style fashion for the home. This has found consumer acceptance even at premium prices. Cotton sheets and men's shirts with high cotton content are two retail items that have been especially popular in the past year.

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