US embassy sends Soviet Pentacostalist to hospital

One of the Soviet Pentacostalists on a hunger strike in the US Embassy in Moscow broke her fast this weekend after being taken to a Soviet hospital after US officials decided her health was in danger.

Lydia Vashchenko thus ended more than three years in the American compound. Ms. Vashchenko and six other Pentacostalists made their way into the US embassy to escap% religious persecution. The embassy granted them refuge, and have been living in the basement of the embassy. But Vaschenko and her mother began fasting over Christmas to protest what they felt was lack of concern by US authorities to press their case with the Soviets.

Vashchenko vowed to continue her fast after she was taken away to the hospital, but a nurse said she had taken some broth and tea.

Her mother, Augustina Vashchenko, is still fasting.

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