DC-10 skids into Boston Harbor

A full-scale investigation was underway Sunday after a World Airways DC-10 jet carrying more than 200 people Saturday skidded off an icy Logan Airport runway, slid over a snow covered bank of rocks and came to rest in Boston Harbor.

Emergency care swung immediately into action for the more than 20 people taken to area hospitals for minor injuries.

The nose section of the jet, Flight 30 to Boston from Oakland, Calif. with a stopover in Newark, N.J., tore off just a few feet from the first row of passenger seats.

Authorities said almost all of the World Airways Flight 30 passengers came down the plane's escape chutes and landed in the yellow rafts that awaited them. Rescue workers set up flood lights to help the divers and Coast Guard boats in their search of the waters - a search that ended happily when the last unaccounted name on the World Airways Flight 30 passenger list was matched up with someone already safe and dry.

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