Black students form majorities in five urban school districts

Statistics compiled by Hugh J. Scott, dean, Division of Programs in Education , Hunter College, New York.

School System All Students Black Students Chicago 458,497 278,726 (61%) Detroit 211,825 180,977 (85%) Baltimore 129,984 102,687 (79%) Memphis 110,000 82,500 (75%) Washington, D.C. 100,049 94,336 (94%)

All five school districts also have black superintendents: Ruth Love in Chicago, Arthur Jefferson in Detroit, John Crew in Baltimore, Willie Herenton in Memphis, and Floretta Dukes McKenzie in the District of Columbia.

School All Black System Teachers Teachers Chicago 25,122 10,796 (43%) Detroit 10,082 4,990 (49%) Baltimore 7,981 4,730 (59%) Memphis 5,600 UNKNOWN Washington, D.C. 5,238 3,787 (72%)

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