The Day I Saw a Mink

Hi, I'm Scott Rabick. I have a cottage in Algonquin Park (which is in Canada). Since we don't have phones, we have a messenger, and I am the messenger. One day my brother Cam and I were walking to Grandma's. (She also has a cottage.) We were halfway there when I heard something. I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked around. There on a tree was an animal.

It had a bear-like head and an otter-like body and tail.

''Cam! Look!'' I said.

''Look at what?'' Cam asked.

''Never mind, it's gone,'' I said.

''What's gone?'' Cam wanted to know.

''Come on, let's find out,'' I said.

We ran all the way to Grandma's. When we got there, I told Grandma what had happened. Then we looked through the books, and finally agreed that it was a mink!

When we got home I told Mom that I saw a mink.

From that day on, whenever I went through the wood I took my camera, but I never saw him again.

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