EEC seeks one voice on Poland

President Reagan and West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt will huddle for talks starting tomorrow, and the foreign ministers of the European Economic Community, feeling heat from the United States to back economic sanctions against Warsaw and Moscow, met yesterday to seek a common stand on the Polish crisis.

EEC sources said the ministers were deeply divided over President Reagan's announcement of economic reprisals against the Soviet Union. Mr. Reagan accused the Soviets of instigating the military takeover in Poland.

Tough talk was likely to come from Britain and France, but West Germany was expected to pursue the softer line it has taken since martial law was declared in Poland.

Full endorsement of US sanctions is considered highly unlikely. But the EEC nations might agree not to undermine the US measures by cashing in on contracts lost by American companies as a result of the sanctions.

The Reagan-Schmidt talks are overshadowed by the threat of the rift in the Western alliance over what to do about Poland. But Bonn government sources said that apart from Poland, Mr. Schmidt's talks in Washington were certain to cover world economic problems, including high US interest rates, which have had a severe impact in West Germany and other countries.

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