Artists contribute more than time

The 40th in the series ''52 ways to improve schools'' started with the sentence: ''There's something marvelously refreshing about original pieces of art in and around schools.''

And further down in the article was this declaration: ''. . . a great many schools should be able to display - proudly - original works by professional artists purchased or commissioned by the students themselves.''

On Oct. 23, 1981, we heard from Ray Tyson Sr., president of Tyson Manufacturing Corporation, Indianapolis, Ind. He wrote:

''We do something about this (original art in schools) here with our Fine Arts in the High School (FAITHS) program.''

And what they do appears exciting as well as creative.

Each month, for a full or half day, an artist member of the Indiana Artists Club (all professionals) volunteer (For 1981-1982 there is a $50 honorarium) their time and demonstrate their work (discussing their medium and technique) in an elementary or high school.

Class groups come by the area on a pre-determined schedule.

At the end of the school year, the school budget shows a line for the purchase of an original work of art from one of the ''willing'' artists; that is , an artist willing to sell a work for $150.

And the choice of the work of art is up to the school: administrators, teachers, and students working together to decide.

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