Things I Like to Eat, by Zokeisha. New York: Simon & Schuster. $2.95. Things I Like To Look At, Zokeisha. New York: Simon & Schuster. $2.95.

Something new in children's publishing, is a flood of books in interesting shapes and sizes designed just for the very young. Their idea of reading differs , of course, from ours. A child cuddled on a mother's lap is studying the pictures. Almost as interesting as looking - is the act of turning the page - which a child does whenever he tires of one, to the frustration of Mother. So it's desirable to select sturdy books with interesting illustrations.

The Chubby Board Books are a just right for toddlers to ''read'' by themselves. ''Things I Like To Eat'' features bright drawings of favorite foods, while ''Things I Like To Look At'' pictures a ladybug, an airplane, and other objects that appeal. The simple captions help promote word identification.

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