Kin's visit to Sakharov 'delayed'

KGB secret police Tuesday told the young woman who is at the center of Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov's hunger strike that they are delaying a decision on whether she can visit him in hospital.

Liza Alexeyeva said that during an interview with a KGB official she explained why Dr. Sakharov had called his strike and asked for permission to visit him in exile in the city of Gorky.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Sakharov and his wife, Yelena Bonner, were forcibly hospitalized on the 13th day of a hunger strike they began Nov. 22 to highlight demands that Miss Alexeyeva be allowed to emigrate to the United States. Miss Alexeyeva was married in a proxy ceremony last summer to Mrs. Bonner's son, Alexei Semyonov, who left the Soviet Union for the US three years ago.

A Moscow emigration office turned her away Tuesday after she was summoned to discuss her request for an exit visa. She had been told to report to the office on the outskirts of Moscow. The appointment had raised her hopes that Soviet authorities, who do not recognize her marriage, might be about to relent in their refusal to let her leave the country.

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