Mildew on foundation, wall: first, check for moisture

Q: The foundation of my house and the pavement are covered with moss and mildew. Also, there is mildew on the inside of one basement wall. How can I remove it? What kind of paint should I use? Helen D. Kennedy Long Beach, N.Y.

A: Mold or mildew indicates moisture. When the source of the moisture is stanched, the mildew may go away.; I suggest you look for the source of the dampness on the outside of the foundation walls. If you do not have gutters and downspouts on your house, put them up. Perhaps there is a leaky faucet that is providing moisture over a long period of time. How about a birdbath nearby? Excessive shade?

Your local paint or hardware store stocks moss inhibitors, such as Dowacide-G by the Dow Chemical Company. Sherwin Williams also makes a moss stopper. Apply as per the manufacturer's directions after the moisture problem is solved.

If repainting is necessary, use a paint that contains a mildew inhibitor additive.

Waterproof the inside of the moldy basement wall with a cemetious paint covering, such as Sealwall, made by a company of the same name in Eastlake, Ohio , or its equal. The phone number of Sealwall is (216) 951-3455. Kill the mildew before applying the waterpoofing agent by using an effective fungicide. Follow the directions on the label.

Should the waterproofed basement wall require paint, again use a paint with a fungicide additive.

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