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Support is building in Congress for a -national computer list of missing children. Rep. Paul Simon (D) of Illinois and Sen. Paula Hawkins (R) of Florida have introduced leglislation to authorize use of the FBI's national computer system to list local police information on missing children. As it is now, parents of missing children sometimes spend their entire savings trying to gather information about their missing child.

Estimates of the number of children who disappear each year range as high as 50,000, says Simon. And these figures don't count ''runaways'' and children taken away by an estranged parent. Many are later found dead, victims of molestation and other foul play, according to Simon and Kenneth Wooden, director of the National Coalition for Children's Justice.

Freshman Senator Hawkins says she has been disregarding Senate customs and walking to the offices of other senators herself, bill in hand, and has gathered 60 cosponsors.

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