It's Reagan season in airwaves flurry

A news blitz centered on Ronald Reagan is running on American radio and television this week and next. According to Monitor TV critic Arthur Unger, ''Reagan on Reagan,'' a seven-part radio interview with the President, is already airing on Group W affiliates throughout the nation and will continue through the end of the week. Group W television stations are airing a five-part series this week, and a 30 -minute special is running during the week as well.

PBS will have the first of the ''Young American Artists in Performance at the White House'' series, with the President and Mrs. Reagan in attendance.

Then, next week, there is ABC's ''The Barbara Walters Special'' on Thanksgiving Day featuring, guess who, the President and Mrs. Reagan at their California ranch.

For some critical analysis of Reagan press relations, a special edition of ''Inside Story,'' titled ''Mr. President . . . Mr. President,'' airs on PBS at 10 tonight (Nov. 18). In a poll conducted for this program, 45 percent of the respondents rated Mr. Reagan ahead of Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, and John Kennedy.

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