Inside Report (3)

Rep. Les Aspin (D) of Wisconsin is -hopping mad. As he sees it, CIA analyst Robert M. Huffstutler got a bum rap from the Defense Department last month. After the analyst told the Senate Appropriations Committee that the B-52 bomber would be able to penetrate Soviet air defenses at least until 1991, the Pentagon called a press briefing to deny the assertion.

Aspin, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, claims that the briefing ''went out of its way to portray Huffstutler as an ignoramus.'' The analyst has been the target of a ''vicious, ill-informed, and personalized attack,'' claims Aspin who is insisting the Pentagon publicly apologize to Huffstutler.

The Air Force knows the B-52 will be able to breach Soviet air defenses until 1991, claims Aspin. He says the Pentagon is ''rewriting its analyses'' in the hope it can win approval of the more advanced B-1 bomber. The Pentagon, for its part, is keeping studiously quiet.

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