Every school a community resource, Every pupil a community helper

What did your school do last year for the community it's in? Was there a ''green-up day'' when pupils scoured streets and roadsides for trash, bagged it, and got it to the dump?

Was that a one-day-a-year affair? Or was it done weekly or monthly?

Did the school band march and play in a community celebration? Once? Twice? Several times?

Did schoolchildren visit one or more local nursing and/or retirement homes and help those there read or write letters? Or did the children put on plays or sing songs, or have the band perform for these institutionalized community residents?

Did one or more school classes go regularly to the public library and help to shelve books, update the card file, dust in the stacks, arrange periodicals in chronological order?

Did small groups of schoolchildren on a rotating basis help the firemen repair and distribute toys to little kids without many toys?

Did older youngsters in small groups on a rotating basis help out in local day-care centers, nursery schools, and facilities for children with special needs?

During community emergencies were schoolchildren organized into helping groups by teachers and staff? For example, after a massive snowstorm did they help to dig out those who needed such help? After a flood, did they help in the cleanup?

In other words, is each school in your town a community resource, and do the teachers and administrators there help the children find ways to be included in community activities?

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