Polish leaders lash at Solidarity

Poland's Communist leaders have delivered their sharpest warning yet to the Solidarity union. Special correspondent Eric Bourne reports that the Politburo, in a powerful statement Sept. 16, accused Solidarity of unilaterally breaching the union-government agreements which ended last year's strikes.

The statement said the union had opted for a program of political opposition striking at the vital interests of the Polish nation and was taking a course toward a confrontation "threatening bloodshed."

The Polish leadership's hardened stand follows the first stage of Solidarity's national congress in which a series of highly political resolutions were adopted. According to unconfirmed reports, it also follows another warning letter from Moscow delivered by the Russian ambassador.

For the first time, the Polish party's criticism was not confined to the more extreme dissident organizations within Solidarity, but was directed against the union itself. The Gdansk congress resolutions, it charged, elevated "adventurist tendencies . . . to the level of the official program of the entire organization."

The Politburo claimed that the Gdansk congress had come out in favor not of a self-governing trade union but of a political opposition, openly seeking to take power and change the political system: "This is the truth. It must be brought home to . . . all working and all milieus, especially to the members of Solidarity in whose name the course toward a new national tragedy has been plotted."

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