* Israeli military officials are increasingly complaining of Palestinian violations to the July 24 cease-fire in southern Lebanon. The Army chief, Lt. Gen. Rafael Eitan, says Palestinians have violated the agreement 15 times. Other Israeli officials say Palestinian redeployment, terror attacks in Israel, and terror attacks in Europe also constitute violations.

Palestinian forces dispatched armored cars and artillery units into southern Lebanon Sept. 11, and guerrilla leaders are warning of a new Israeli attack in coming weeks.

Israeli officials also are continuing to express concern over the Soviet antiaircraft missiles installed in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley by Syria last spring.

* A recent Syrian move declaring 35-mile territorial waters is under study by Israeli military authorities, who see it as a problem similar to the Libyan claim to the Gulf of Sidra, which caused a US-Libyan dogfight last month. Israeli patrol boats regularly cruise the eastern littoral of the Mediterranean as far north as the Syrian port of Latakia.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry was also studying the Syrian announcement and said Turkey reserved "all rights granted by international law regarding these territorial waters."

* The current world oil surplus is still pressuring oil-producing countries, industry sources report, despite a slowdown in price cutting since Nigeria reduced prices $4 per barrel last week.

Alegeria and Libya are holding firm to their high-priced crude, but Libyan production has fallen from around 1.75 million barrels per day at the beginning of the year to around 600,000 today. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar are reported to be rethinking prices.

Industry analysts agree with Saudi Oil Minister Ahmad Zaki Yamani who said recently that if the oil cartel's market share falls, as some predict, by 50 percent by 1990 "this would mean the end of OPEC and it would cause great economic difficulties for Saudi Arabia."

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