Egypt expels Soviet ambassador

Egypt ordered the expulsion of Soviet Ambassador Vladimir Polyakov and six other embassy officials and gave them 48 hours to leave the country. The decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting under Vice-President Hosni Mobarak and was announced Sept. 15.

The Cabinet also ordered a cutback in the number of Soviet Embassy employees in Cairo, abolition of the military attache offices in both the Cairo embassy and Egyptian Embassy in Moscow and cancellation of contracts of all Soviet Experts "working in international fields" in Cairo.

The measures stopped short of a total diplomatic break.They were the toughest President Anwar Sadat has taken against the Soviet Union since he gave marching orders to 17,000 Soviet military personnel in July 1972.

The action came less than 24 hours after President Sadat accused the Soviet Union of involvement in sectarian strife and other activities against his regime.

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