NYC vote halted over districting

Black and Hispanic groups have won a court order halting primary elections in New York City today (Sept. 10), including a vote that was expected to give a sweeping victory to Mayor Edward I. Koch.

Three federal judges sitting in special session ruled that redrawn voting boundaries in the city violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which is meant to ensure representation for members of minority groups.

Minority groups charged that a redistricting plan in three of the city's five boroughs, including Manhattan, would dilute their voting strength. The judges agreed and, acting on the technicality that the plan had not yet been approved by the federal government, prohibited any primary voting in the three boroughs.

The ruling threw a campaign for citywide offices into disarray. The city was appealing the decision Wednesday, but informed sources said it was almost certain voting would not go ahead in the two other boroughs.

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