God knows

I had retraced the steps taken during the past twenty-four hours. My book, very important to my work, was nowhere to be found. Desperately I tried to concentrate on my movements, thinking of possible places the book might have fallen. A rather panicky feeling set in. Finally, realizing a merely human effort was insufficient, I turned to God for help. I remembered something Christian Science had taught me about God: God knowsm His creation. He knows each idea in it and knows it to be good. In the Christian Science textbook Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, points out, "Omnipotent and infinite Mind made all and includes all." n 1

n1 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 206;m

Though my first turning to God was a kind of "begging" for Him to help me think, gradually my prayer became more affirmative of God's omnipotence. I realized I could go further. I could affirm that as His image (which the Bible declares man to be) n2 I reflect His knowing.

n2 See Genesis 1:26.

My thought began moving along these lines: "God, You know all things. You are infinite Mind, the only God. You are my Mind. I haven't a little personal mind that must think up possibilities and answers. I reflect You, divine intelligence. All the knowing I will ever need comes from You as a revelation, not as forced mental process. Your revealing to me can never be muddled or shut off."

With that, a wonderful feeling of relief and peace settled over me. I determined not to try to think further where the book might be and to stop feverishly searching for it. I decided to abide by the fact of divine Mind's all-knowing and of my reflecting what infinite Mind knows.

During rush hour later that day I was on the highway when an unusually heavy storm blew up. Within a very few minutes, driving conditions became frightful. Visibility in the rain was so poor I could barely see the white line in the center of the road, and couldn't determine where it was safe to pull over.

I was gripping the steering wheel very tightly, straining to see, trying to concentrate on staying in the proper lane. At that point I remembered the thoughts that had come to me that morning. "God knowsm His creation and where each valuable idea is. He knows me and every other driver on this road as He created us, safe in His care, under His perfect jurisdiction. Each of us is moving in His presence. Nothing is hidden from infinite Mind. And nothing is hidden from Mind's reflection, man."

Of course, God isn't a big mortal with a mind full of material objects. He is immortal infinite Mind and knows all His spiritual universe to be in perfect order and harmony. The understanding that His man reflects that knowing can melt away any sense of danger and loss.

Within moments I was perfectly relaxed at the wheel. Then a very clear and surprising "knowing" came to me with regard to my book. A specific location in a seldom used drawer came distinctly to thought. "Now how could it have gotten in there?" I queried. "But that's where it is," the knowing insisted. (Significantly, I had not been thinking of the book at all --rather, my thoughts had been on the driving.)

When I arrived home I found the book in the exact location that had so distinctly come to thought, although I had absolutely no memory of having put it there.

Besides locating the much-needed book, I was grateful for the protection on the highway. The evening newscast reported that a tornado had passed not far from where I had been driving, and although the driving conditions were described as extremely hazardous, not a single highway mishap had been reported.

As delighted as I was with the way everything worked out, my greatest joy was a growing recognition of how to rely on infinite Mind's knowing. A limited personal mind's ability to concentrate, remember, figure, is ultimately unreliable.

Divine mind's perfect understanding is available to all, under every circumstances. DAILY BIBLE VERSE O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! Romans 11:33

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