NFC; East

Dallas -- Danny White can do the job at quarterback and halfback Tony Dorsett adds a little more maturity each year.The defensive backfield could be the club's undoing, but do you think Coach Tom Landry will let it? No way.

Philadelphia -- If the Eagles continue their steady progression, they could win the Super Bowl, but the pressure's really on. The NFC's best defense must have another great year and QB Ron Jaworski (NFC Player of the Year) can't afford to slip.

Washington -- Rookie head coach Joe Gibbs has been given some interesting offensive tools to work with (Joe Washington, Terry Metcalf, and John Riggins), but they don't guarantee the needed firepower.

St. Louis -- In rookie Neil Lomax, the Cardinals may have their quarterback of the future. Linebacker E. J. Junior looks like a solid addition, too. Given time, this clud could develop into a contender.

New York Giants -- If the Giants could only loosen up a bit, they might be better off. Everybody seems too uptight. Central

Chicago -- Finally, after years of looking, the Bears have an exciting, big-play quarterback in Vince Evans. The mere threat of him connecting will open things up for stellar running back Walter Payton.

Detroit -- If you love mediocrity, the Lions have have your team for most of the past decade. Yet times are changing and there's real hope that halfback Billy Sims will lead Detroit to something better.

Minnesota -- Despite gloomy forecasts, the Vikings refuse to become has-beens: A highly suspect defense and running game are Coach Bud Grant's major worries.

Tampa Bay -- Last season's collapse, a real crash course in humility, taught the Buccaneers not to rest on their laurels. Consistency comes with experience, and the Bucs still need more of it.

Green Bay -- The Packers just can't seem to turn the corner under Coach Bart Starr, whose hero's welcome has worn thin after six years on the job. West

Atlanta -- The Falcons have never produced back-to-back winning seasons, so their work's cut out for them. QB Steve Bartkowski is coming into his own, and the running tandem of William Andrews and Lynn Cain provides good offensive balance.

Los Angeles -- Pat Haden has made a smooth transition back into his old quarterbacking job (vacated by Vince Ferragamo). The team generally has a more settled, less turbulent look.

San Francisco -- A dangerously thin team which could reach .500 if everybody stays in one piece.

New Orleans -- Rebuilding promises to be a slow and tedious process. Bum Phillips at least has his cornerstone, No. 1 draft choice George Rogers.

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