Help on tracking down parts on a unit no longer made

Q. Where can I get parts for a humidifier that is installed in our hot-air furnace? The company that installed the system five years ago is out of business, although plumbers say they still see the unit advertised, so the manufacturer must still be around. The humidifier is Lau Vapor-Air No. 2 and is made by Conaire of Dayton, Ohio; Irwindale, Calif.; and Kitchener, Ontario. Can you provide an address? Virginia B. Stopfel Newtonville, Mass.

A. We also have struck out in our limited efforts to find the company's current address. Telephone-information operators in the three cities you list could find no present listing.

The key may be the parent company of which Conaire is a part. Can any reader help?

Meanwhile, ask the plumbers who have seen the Lau ads for the name and address of the periodical containing the ad, if possible. Maybe they'll keep a lookout for another ad and then get in touch with you.

Public libraries can sometimes find the names and addresses of sought-after companies or associations. Check it out.

It may be that you'll have to replace the present system, but it shouldn't be too expensive. Perhaps you can find a local friend to do the job. Sometimes just replacing a part can be almost as costly as putting in an entirely new unit.

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