Hinckley indicted in Reagan case

John W. Hinckley Jr., the drifter son of a Colorado oilman, was indicted Monday on charges of attempting to kill President Reagan last March. A federal grand jury here returned the indictment, which also charged Mr. Hinckley with wounding three other men in the assassination attempt.

Hinckley was wrestled to the ground and arrested moments after the shooting. Mr. Reagan, White House press secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Timothy J. McCarthy, and District of Columbia policeman Thomas K. Delahanty were wounded in the barrage of fire outside the Washington Hilton. Mr. Brady remains hospitalized and Mr. Reagan and the other two have recovered.

Hinckley has undergone psychiatric testing, and the question of his sanity is expected to play a key role in his case. Law enforcement officials believe he was motivated by an obsession with teen-age starlet Jodie Foster, who played a young prostitute in the movie "Taxi Driver." In the movie, actor Robert De Niro stalks a US senator after his overtures to a woman are rejected.

The FBI found no evidence of a conspiracy, concluding that Hinckley acted alone when he traveled to Washington a day before the shooting.

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