New England ranks high in attracting students from outside

A student migration study published by the New England Board of Higher Education places New England as the most successful region in the country in attracting students to enroll in post-secondary institutions.

Of all new student enrollments in New England colleges in 1979-80, according to the study, 68,108, or 24.6 percent were from outside the region.The percentages for other regions ranged from 9.9 percent in the Pacific to 22 percent in the Mountain states. The national average was 14.2 percent.

Comparing net in-migration figures nationally, three New England states -- Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island -- rank third, fourth, and fifth respectively in the country. Ranked 12th among all the states (and the District of Columbia which holds first place) is Massachusetts, with Maine 39th and Connecticut 49th.

Four New England states -- Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont -- gained more students than they lost.And Maine came close, with a net loss of 4.3 percent. Connecticut's net loss was 20 percent.

The study also provides further evidence that "cooperation -- particularly in resource sharing, in student exchange and mobility -- is becoming more than ever an essential ingredient in higher education policymaking."

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